Meredith was a mover and a shaker. As a multi-sport athlete or just a non-stop cart-wheeler around the house, she was always in motion.  Keeping with that spirit, we try to use endurance activities as a fund-raising method and honor her spirit of energy through movement.

In 2011, Joanna Hogland, Emily Fenbert, and Karen Matts coined the term MERITHON and formed a team to run the Chicago Marathon. It was a huge success, and so we have kept the tradition going.  In 2016 we passed the $100,000 dollar mark in monies raised for Mercy Home. Our team is small but our hearts are large.

In 2016, we have extended the MERITHON to cycling and look forward to finding events that challenge our spirit of movement.

We are always looking for endurance athletes to join us and dedicate their efforts to the mission of the Meredith Williams Foundation.