The Meredith Williams Foundation has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people.

Projects/Places the MWF has financially supported.

Merithon 2011/Mercy Home for Boys and Girls
 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
 Children's Memorial Hospital/Children's Miracle Network
 O'Neill Middle School/Outdoor Sitting Area
 Keith Kastenholz/Eagle Scout Project
 Kara Kastenholz/Service Project Aiding Adult Seniors
 Rancho Sordo Mudo
 JRC Sports for Peace
 O'Neill Fun Run
Kim Jacobs/Nursing Mission to Africa

Merithon 2012/Mercy Home
Habitat for Humanity
Ryan Curry/ALS Baseball Fundraiser

Waterfall Glen 2013 5K Ecochallenge
All About Music and Children's Theatre
Merithon 2013 for Mercy Home
St Baldrick's Foundation/ Children's Cancer
Jackie's Build On Trek to Nicaragua

2014 Waterfall Glen Eco-Challenge
Tuition Paid Scholarship to All About Music Summer Camp
Water Bottles for Mercy Home Heroes
Water Bottles to OMS cross-country team
Sphero Tech Devices to OMS science program
Mercy Home/Merithon Team
Herzing Family Fundraiser for Medical Care
T-Shirts for Bridgets Buddies JDRF team

Art supplies for Children's Drama School
Equine Dreams/Therapeautic Riding School
2014 JDRF
2014 Mercy Home Heroes Chicago/ Marathon
Aly Goes To Ghana-Clean water to rural areas project
2014-Easter Seals

2015-Family Shelter Services Fox Valley
Cashman Stand-up Documentary Fund Raiser
2015-Polar Plunge /Special Olympics
Science books for Fairmount Elementary School
Athlete and O'Neill Alum Blair Janis/Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
2015-Metropolitan Family Services
Joanna Smith-2015 St Judes Children's Hospital Run
2015- Picnic Tables for OMS courtyard
2015-The Shoe that Grows
2015- Zuza's Battle Against Leukemia
2015- O"Neill Running Program
2015- ST. Mary Appalachia Outreach
2015- Paula Sorgatz Fitness Room
2015- The Wellness House/Hinsdale
2015-AIDS Run/Walk Chicago
2015 Mercy Home for Boys and Girls
2015-Andy Junk Bike Ride for Recovery on Water for Cancer Survivors
2015-Dance Marathon- Riley Hospital for Children
2015-T-shirts for Merithon/Mercy Home Running Team
2015-Rocky Mountain NP- Trail Restoration Fund
2015-Rocky Mountain NP- Next Generation Fund
2015-Scholorships for students at Tamarisk Coalition
2015-Donors Choice/Dyslexic Readers
2015-Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
2015-National Parks Conservation Assoc.
2015-Kupisch Uganda Mission Trip

2016- Family Shelter Services
2016- Mary Salvi- Lemons of Love Chemo Care Packages
2016- Joanna Smith- St Jude Childrens Run
2016- Malorie Masek-Lurie Children's Hospital
2016 Grace Stapleton for Almost Home Kids

2016- Bo Rides Bama for Tornado Shelters

2016- O'Neill Career Day Field Trip

2016-Helping Cailee 

2016-Delaney's World Mission Race

2016- Waterfall Glen Eco-Challenge

2016-Trek100/MACC Foundation for Pediatric Cancers

2016-National Multiple Sclerosis Society Bike Ride

2016-All About Music Children's Theater

2016-Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

2016-Mercy Home Chicago for Boys and Girls

2016- Hillcrest Elem School- Buddy Bench for Playground

2016-The Exceptional Foundation

2016-Rocky Mountain NP-Next Generation Fund

2016- Bloom's Angels/Families in Need- Herrick Middle School

2016-Tamarisk Coalition


2017- Pierce Downer Elem School- PE Equipment

2017-Wellington Middle School-South Pacific Explorers Trip

2017-Southeasten Cave Conservancy

2017-O'Neill Cross Country Program

2017-Team Nicholas-Toys for cancer patients

2017-Alabama Rural Ministry-Reparations for poverty housing

2017- Wellness House/Hinsdale

2017-O'Neill Career Day Field Trip

2017- Fairmount Elementary School-Art/PE/Science Program

2017- Mercy Home- Homeless Kid to Camp Tuition

 2017- Mercy Home- Chicago Marathon

2017-Childrens Harbor- Camp for Terminally Ill Children

 2017- Clair Linden Nursing Mission to Africa

2017- Blooms Angels/Herrick Middle School

2017-All About Music Children Theatre

2017-Salvation Army Angel Tree for Kids in Need of Santa 

 2017- Family Shelter Services

 2017- Tamarisk Coalition

2018- Lori Niehaus-Bottom Line- College Fund for Underprivilidged Students

2018- Joanna Smith/St. Jude Run/ Children's Cancer

2018- National Parks Conservation Fund

2018- Financial support for low-income school field trip to Washington DC

2018-Alabama Rural Ministry-Home repairs for poverty families

2018-Blair Janis/Lurie Children's Hospital

2018- The Wellness House

2018- Mercy Home-Camp Tuition for a Homeless Child

2018- O Neill 8th grade Career Day Field Trip

2018- National MS Society

2018-Medical Support for Sofia Sanchez/Kingsley Elem

2018- Team Merithon/Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

2018-Rocky Mountain Conservancy Next Generation/Jr. Rangers Fund

 2018-Educational Grant to Kate Nickell

2018- Cindy Porcaro- Cals Angels/Pediatric Cancer Support

2018- Haddie's Home- Home for Girls in Crisis

2018-Relief Supplies for Children of Hurricane Michael

2018- Easters Seals DuPage

2018-Camp Kesem-Outdoor experiences for children of cancer patients

2018-The Exceptional Foundation

2019- Gloria Dei/ Bridges Program for families in transition

2019-St. Judes Run/Children's Cancer/Joanna Smith

2019- Auburn Wheelchair Basketball Program

2019- Grand Canyon Conservancy/Kids at the Canyon Fund

2019-All About Music and Children's Theatre

2019- Alabama Rural Ministries Tornado Relief Lee County

2019- St. Mary Appalachia

2019-Mary Salvi/Climb for a CancerCure/Colorado Mountains

2019-Garden Club/O'Neill Middle School 

2019-Mark Crabtree/Young Hearts for Life/Cardiac screening for children

2019-Waterfall Glen Filed Trip/Outdoor Experience for Students

2019-Fairmount Elem- Running Program for Little Feet

2019- Wellness House Walk- Living with Cancer

2019- Children's Harbor/Camp for Terminally Ill Children

2019- Mercy Home/Homeless Child to Camp

2019-National MS Society

2019- Easter Seals/Bike for Kids

2019-Mercy Home/Team Merithon

2019-Donation to Science Club/ O'Neill MS

2019-Rocky Mountain NP/Next Generation Fund/Jr. Rangers

2019-Kreher Nature Preserve/Children's Programs

2019- Willow Creek Elem School/Activities for Arts and Sciences

2019- Juvenile Diabetes Walk/T-shirts for Bridget's Buddies

2019- Exceptional Foundation/Care Program for Down Syndrome Adults

2020- Scott Goodhart/Childrens Music Program

2020- Heart Rate Monitors for Paula Sorgatz Fitness Room

2020-OMS Career Day Activities

2020- Joanna Smith St. Judes Run

2020-Auburn Wheelchair Team

2020-Storybook Farm/Equine Therapy for children

2020-Feed the Frontline/Co-V Health Care Workers

2020-Grand Canyon Conservancy/Jr. Rangers Program

2020-Easter Seals Run for Kids

2020- Wellness House

2020- Mercy Home/ Camp Tuition for Child

2020-Fairmount School-Little Feet Running Program

2020-Great American 5000-Feeding America Hunger Relief

2020-DuPage Family Services

2020-Easter Seals Bikes for the Kids

2020-Mercy Home- Team Merithon Chicago Marathon

2020- Christmas Donation to Families touched by covid at Sherlock School

2021- Auburn Wheelchair Basketball Program

2021-Bridget's Buddies JDRF Team

2021- Alabama Food Bank

20121- DG #58 Schools/Jump Ropes for Jump Rope for Heart Program

2021- Rural Haiti for health, food, education needs

2021-Jr. Rangers Program Grand Canyon Conservancy

2021- The Wellness House Walk-Surviving Cancer

2021- Mercy Home Chicago- Send a Child to Camp Program

2021-Over the Edge/Cancer Support Activity

2021-Rocky Mountain NP/ Jr. Rangers Program

2021- Risa Water Project/ Clean Water for Kenyan School Children

2021- Easter Seals/ Adaptive bikes for children with special needs

2021- St. Judes Run

2021- Easter Seals Superhero Run

2021- Cary Woods Elem School/ School Supplies for children

2021- Team Merithon/Mercy Home/Chicago Marathon

2021- Art Supplies for DG schools Art Programs